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FH Javi - "FaceTime" (Prod. DaanBeats)

PA duo FH Youngins release their new single "FaceTime"

Only 12 years old, FH Youngins' member FH Javi is on the grind to start a new wave; recently releasing his new track "FaceTime" produced by DaanBeats. Throughout the track, Javi speaks on relationship matters and doesn't utter not one curse word while doing so; which is hard to come across in a carefree song in today's rap game. Delivering simple yet memorable melodies that anyone could catch and vibe out to combined with production by DaanBeats, the track has an overall fun and uplifting feel.

Check out the track below!

Instagram: @y0un5javi

Soundcloud: FH Youngins

FH Javi - "FaceTime" (Prod. DaanBeats)


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