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willsteezalot - smile like you mean it (EP)

willsteezalot is back and better than ever on latest EP 'smile like you mean it'

willsteezalot is back once again with a 5 track EP titled 'smile like you mean it'. Having only recently dropped his previous project 'cruise control', it's clear willsteezalot is coming for what's his. will really stepped us his game on this one, using a variety of different beats (by drerodner and MadBliss) that perfectly mix old school vibes and new wave sounds. steezalot never disappoints lyrically, and 'smile like you mean it' goes to show just that, his flow is care free and bars on point. Overall, this project really demonstrates will's growth as an artist,and we're looking forward to what he's got in store.

Our favorite tracks are 'so what?', 'c.r.e.a.m. & sugar' and 'ferrari dreams', but the whole EP is worth a listen

Mixed by: @shecallsmemarko

Cover art by: @peannuuutttttt

featuring: @feddinowap

Check out the project below!

Twitter: @willsteezalot






Soundcloud: willsteezalot




willsteezalot - smile like you mean it (EP)


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