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SuperSmashBroz x Gin Mason x CHI - Girls Next Door (EP)

SSB are back on a collab EP with Gin Mason & CHI titled 'Girls Next Door'

SuperSmashBroz are back on our pages with recently released EP 'Girls Next Door'. Featuring two promising female artists from Boston, Gin Mason and CHI, this project is breaking bounds. The EP is a fusion of various elements, from hip-hop, Afrobeats, R&B/soul, soca, dance hall, and funk. SuperSmashBroz are the executive producers of this project, producing all except 1 track on the EP. Coming together with a variety of other talented producers, this project has a little something for every ear.

Mixed and mastered by: @BOSSMANLOVESYOU

Artwork by: @saedisays

Check out the project below!

Soundcloud: supersmashbroz

SuperSmashBroz x Gin Mason x CHI - Girls Next Door (EP)


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