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willsteezalot - entourage (prod. Dre Rodner)

NY native willsteezalot showcases his talent on 'entourage' (prod. Dre Rodner)

Originally from Brooklyn, NY artist willsteezalot now resides in the Lehigh Valley, and has been doing very well for himself. His recently dropped debut EP 'cruise control' truly showcases the upcoming rapper's abilities. Our favorite track 'entourage' ends the EP with some smooth vibes perfect for any summer night. Producer DRE RODNER set the tone with an uplifting piano riff followed by rolling high hats and some punchy percussion. willsteezalot comes on with a catchy hook and care free flow that perfectly matches the instrumental's atmosphere. Overall a great project and definitely an artist to be on the lookout for!

Click here to check out the rest of the project!

Twitter: @willsteezalot


Soundcloud: willsteezalot


willsteezalot - Entourage (Prod. Dre Rodner)


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