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Seattle photographer Antoine Fougere knows how to capture a moment

Photographer Antoine Fougere's warm pictorials

Jorja Smith

Seattle,WA photographer Antoine Fougere has been refining his craft from a young age, and has since mastered the art of capturing an atmosphere. “I started photography in middle school and I've been shooting a bunch of portraits and street work” and recently, “getting more involved in concert photography.”

“During my high school period, I would go to an after-school photo program called Youth In Focus. It gave me the basics of learning digital and film and even learning how to present my own work at a gallery.”

When asked about some of his inspirations Antoine explained “I've been inspired by so many amazing photographers the list can go on and on but one in particular that I can say that I'm loving their style is Jack Bridgland his editorial work is amazing.” he went on to say, “I’ve (also) been inspired by my cousin Jordan Nicholson, a well known photographer in Seattle, Wa.”

Ty Dolla $ign

Eventually Fougere would like to expand his business, “My goal right right is to work for big brand companies such as Nike, Adidas, Vice, Oyster Magazine. My focus, for now, is more on the video side because I feel like with how the industry is being played out video is becoming more and more useful.”

We're excited to watch Antoine achieve his goals and develop as a person and creative!

Check out more of his work and follow below!

Instagram: antoinefougere


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