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Mello B - "Set In Stone" (EP)

New Jersey's Mello B shares new project "Set In Stone"

New Jersey's Mello B has gained a lot of traction in recent months. With countless viral social media posts, a die hard fan-base repping the "9" aka the "732," or "Exit 9", Mello B started the year firing off his well received "No Filter" EP. To add he has delivered a brand new record every week since May 1st of this year and the "No Calls" rapper continues his musical marathon with his newest project "Set In Stone"; which is his second project of 2018.

On this project Mello B follows the same theme that has cultivated his base by putting his life experiences and morals into his music. Bars such as "I don't do no RIP's all my niggas live through me every time I hop on that beat" and tracks such as "50 Cent", "Vibe", and "Try It Out" make this project as heavy as it is enjoyable. Mello B creates an experience you will hardly be able to keep to yourself.

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @mellob732

Soundcloud: fam732

Mello B - "Set In Stone" (EP)


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