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P2TheGoldMa$k "Saved by the Bales" (Album)

San Antonio artist P2TheGoldMa$k releases new album "Saved by the Bales"

Emerging Texas artist P2TheGoldMa$k is here with an excited new album titled "Saved by the Bales"; using the famous TV Show "Saved by the Bell" as the theme. With featured artists such as @nogumhundo, @lilxelly, and @TADoubleDolla, the album has it's own unique sound yet still fits into the modern culture of what's hot right now. The intro truly sets the tone with its swift monologue and care free energy. Following through with 6 more tracks, the EP might end up going down as a P2 classic due to its smooth transitions and confident execution.

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @p2goldmask

Soundcloud: p2ski

P2TheGoldMa$k "Saved by the Bales" (Album)


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