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wheresblu - Wanna know ft. Summrs!(prod. nickless)

wheresblu drops vibes on melancholic single 'Wanna know' ft. Summrs! (prod. nickless)

Upcoming artist wheresblu has been making a name for himself, dropping hits like '<3What I Say<3' & 'Walk!', and working with a variety of artists and producers along the way. Recent single 'Wanna know' is a great example of blu's ability to clearly capture and express a vibe through music. The ethereal, melancholic beat, by NickLess, comes on with beautifully airy synths, leading into some swift high hats and a booming bass. Wheresblu follows with a melodic verse, matching the atmosphere of the instrumental. The song also features artist Summrs!, who comes on with a distinct sound, adding his own flavor to the track. It sounds amazing slowed too, check out both versions below!

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Twitter: @wheresblu

wheresblu - Wanna know ft. Summrs! (prod. nickless)

wheresblu - Wanna know ft. Summrs! (prod. nickless) [SLOWED]


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