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Rockit - 7 w friends (prod. ihmiri)

Upcoming producer ihmiri and artist Rockit drop dreamy vibes on '7 w friends'

NC producer ihmiri and artist Rockit recently gifted the world with a wavy EP titled 'cmonROCKIT!'. The spacey, atmospheric instrumentals (all by ihmiri) and smooth bars from Rockit, made for an amazing project. One track that stands out is '7 w friends'. This song is beautiful, from start to finish, it's straight vibes the whole way through. Coming on with a whimsical synth-y progression, followed by the bass drop and simple rhythm, the production sounds like it was sent from heaven. Rockit captures the vibes perfectly on the hook "I was in the 7 with my friends, in that f-150 dreaming about a benz." We can't wait to hear some more tracks from both creatives!

Twitter: @ROCKIT_

Soundcloud: rockits

Rockit - 7 w friends (prod. ihmiri)


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