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Garret Denis - Stars Align (Official Video)

Garret Denis releases a trippy visual for single 'Stars Align'

PA native Garret Denis is back with an intense visual for his new song "Stars Align". Shot by @marleauxdesire, the video has a magical yet haunting vibe which really captures the energy of the production by @MayhemMeech with it's unearthly melodies and crisp percussion. In the track, Garret explains how his high unwavering energy isn't going anywhere and how he's only getting better. Rapping, "I'm connected, you can never kill my vibe. Put that work in gotta grind, I really can't be waisting time". Garret also recently released another track called "Ghostrider" which can be checked out here.

Check out the video below!

Instagram: @_garretdenis47

Twitter: @MayhemMeech

Soundcloud: Garret Denis

Garret Denis - Stars Align (Official Video)

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