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DeanKelly - Ogogoro

Upcoming Afro beat artist DeanKelly with seductive single 'Ogogoro'

Dean Kelechi Nwokocha - aka DeanKelly has been building a buzz after the release of his Afrobeat/R&B fused EP 'The Miss Tape'. This self- produced/self-written project is an impressive display of Dean's hit making ability. Single 'Ogogoro' specifically stood out, with it's darker vibe, expressed through the deep bass, mysterious melody and mesmerizing rhythm. This track is also currently at number six on North Manchester's International Music Chart in the UK, and it's no wonder why! Check out the single and the rest of the project below.

Click here to check out the rest of the project!

Twitter: @Deankelly_4eva

Instagram: deankelly_4eva

DeanKelly - Ogogoro