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Fitted Kub - MAGNOYA ft Desze (Video)

PA artist Fitted Kub with somber visual for 'MAGNOYA'

Upcoming PA artist Fitted Kub recently released a hazy visual for single 'MAGNOYA' featuring artist Desze_. Fitted seems to be going back and forth between mindsets, battling depressive thoughts with an apathetic attitude throughout the joint. The instrumental's fast tempo and rapid rhythms mask the weighty subject matter, transforming it into something you could turn up to. Though taking a closer listen, you can hear how the beat completes the somber atmosphere with the haunting flutes and gritty bass line. Desze comes on the track, vibing with a beautiful melodic verse. Fitted has definitely come into his own sound, and we're excited to see him continue to grow as an artist!

Check out the video below!

Instagram: fittedkub

Soundcloud: FittedKub

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