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19 year old Visual artist Stephany Paola Goico uses art to tell her story

PA visual artist Stephany Paola Goico's (Gecko) imaginative abstractions

'I'm meltin inside'

19 year old Latina creative Stephany Paola Goico (known as Gecko) is a visual artist based in Reading Pennsylvania. “I don’t remember when I started creating, I feel like I always have” she tells us, “When I paint or draw or write, it’s just me and my craft. It’s my thoughts, emotions, trials and tribulations being expressed onto a canvas. Each tell a different story.”

'Beauty Queen of Only 18'

Her work could be described as abstract surrealism. Taking familiar subjects such as faces and bodies, she transforms them into curious arrangements. Using a variety of color schemes, Gecko has created quite the collection. From her pastel works, which evoke a more fun, whimsical feeling to darker, more vibrant pieces.

'Female Energy'

The concepts behind her creations are all from personal experience. For example, ‘I’m meltin inside’ is a piece that illustrates the effect anxiety can have, “to not only me but millions people, and how it can feel like your insides are melting and you have no control.” ‘Female Energy’, “represents the power and divinity of the feminine.” ‘Beauty Queen Of Only 18’, “portrays my struggle with my identity as a woman and a teen.”


“Art to me is not just something that I one day decided to start. Art is who I am art is what I have become. I am a creator, I am a creative and art is not (only) to be seen but to be felt.” - Gecko


Check out more of her work and follow below!


Instagram: s.tephanypao


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