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Lil Goat - B L U B E R R Y (Prod. DaanBeats)

Go League member Lil Goat aka ZZo, drops a new single with a creative concept.

Upcoming artist from the Go League collective, Lil Goat aka ZZo, returns with a track full of creativity. In the song, Lil Goat compares his money to fruit; boasting that his bankrolls look like mounds of blueberries due to the vibrant hue of blue that can be found on the current U.S. hundred dollar bill. Produced by DaanBeats, the instrumental uses a jazzy piano rift infused with a drowning base; giving the production a sophisticated yet trap like energy. ZZo executes the beat by delivering multiple catchy flows with a careless demeanor. It seems as though Lil Goat has been experimenting with his sound for the last couple tracks, so stay tuned.

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @theRealZZo

Soundcloud: Lil Goat

Lil Goat - B L U B E R R Y (Prod. DaanBeats)


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