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Seattle filmmaker Mohamed Abdullahi shows us the world through his lens

Seattle WA, creative Mohamed Abdullahi's abstract films

Photo by: ab.shoots

Mohamed Abdullahi, a creative based in Seattle, WA, gives us a glimpse of his perspective through the art of film. "I work on a wide variety of films ranging from Super 8 vintage films to just digital films." He explains, "My films usually pertain to the Black Experience, struggle and adversity we face, but my films are more abstract and peculiar." Not wanting to limit anyone's point of view Mohamed tells us, "I let the viewer interpret whatever they want from it."

One of his more recent projects "Tainted Soul" illustrates the struggles of what it means to be a man in today's society, and how toxic masculinity's effects run deeper than one might think.

Over "The Remedy for a Broken Heart" by XXXTENTACION, Mohamed projects nostalgic vibes with multiple shots of him outdoors, and poetic stream of consciousness captions. The grainy Super 8 film and muted colors complete the whole atmosphere.

This film marks the beginnings of the journey to inner peace, a journey we all have the choice of taking. It's about how long we are willing to suffer before we make a change. A decision some of us are forced to make in the face of seeming adversity.

From the mud grows the lotus, to be "the rose that grew from the concrete" - 2Pac.

Check out the film and follow below!

Youtube: mohamedafilms

Instagram: mohamedafilms

Tainted Soul

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