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Visual artist Raymond Isibor's kaleidoscopic abstractions

Nigerian creative Raymond Isibor shares the beauty of African culture in his art

'Astral Plane 1'

Raymond Isibor, self taught visual artist born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, has a style he describes as, “A contemporary mix of lines, colors and patterns done with pen and ink on paper.” His kaleidoscopic abstractions are truly something to behold.


Raymond’s attention to detail is phenomenal. You can get lost studying the harmoniously interwoven patterns and shapes that create an almost mosaic like effect. His color use (when he does use color) is brilliant and energetic, adding a whole new dimension to his already intricate art.


“Being able to express thought in a beautiful and soul reaching way is my inspiration for creating Art.” Raymond informed us, “Also being African, I intend to show the world the beauty of the African culture.” Something he has without a doubt achieved.


Exploring concepts like gender equality and Black excellence, Raymond not only inspires and shares African culture with the world, but brings up and challenges deeply rooted ideas in a beautifully engaging way.


We're exited for Raymond to continue shining his light and sharing his gift with the world, and can't wait to see what he has in store!

Check out more of his work and follow below!


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