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21 year old visual artist Chantel Gomez's whimsical visions

Visual artist Gomez creates dimensional worlds combining multiple mediums

'Dazed but Not Confused'

Since recently pursuing art more seriously, 21 year old visual artist Chantel Gomez has truly come into her own artistic style. Characterized by her use of fluorescent colors, dimensional textures and psychedelic imagery, Gomez incorporates elements of surrealism in a whimsical way.

'Daring to be Distorted'

“I was never very into school art classes because I hated being told what to do when it was supposed to be creative.” Gomez recalls, and always put art to the side. After some encouragement and prisma colored pencils from her beloved best friend and husband, Gomez tells us, “I found how much I loved color and stared to find my rhythm and my own technique! Now I’m just trying to do my best to learn and grow as a person and as well-rounded artist.”

'Did You Just?'

An artist by the name @alythuh inspired Chantel to develop her own skills, “Her art was one of a kind and I fell in love with her technique and use of multiple mediums.” You can see @alythuh’s inspiration Chantel's work, through her use of color and subjects, but Gomez’s expression is unparalleled and incomparable. Every artist’s creations are uniquely their own, which is what makes creativity so beautiful and magical.

'Garden Goddess'

What sets Chantel’s art apart is her incorporation of multiple mediums. Using 3-D aspects, Gomez creates additional texture and depth that cannot otherwise be achieved, giving her art dimension and life.

'Sedated in Color'

Gomez sets a great example, you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do, regardless of experience. With practice and consistency, anything is possible.

Check out more of her work and follow below!

Twitter: @Chantel01c

Instagram: chantel01c


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