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BBY GOYARD - run shannon run (SABONIS) prod. tyson + gosuto

Upcoming artist BBY GOYARD releases heater 'run shannon run' with production by tyson and gosuto

Artist and member of FOREVER WORLD 1500, BBY GOYARD, has been consistently dropping bangers and making some waves as of late. Popular track 'run shannon run' recently caught our attention and for good reason. This track goes so hard, it's not even funny. Coming on with the memorable hook and bold production, you can feel the energy straight away. The chord progression used for the synths is incredible. Very ethereal with an almost melancholy vibe, though the tempo masks it well. The rapid high hats and distorted bass line complete the heat. Gosuto and Tyson did their thing on this track with the beat and BBY GOYARD captured the vibe. Definitely artists to be looking out for!

Check out the track below!


Soundcloud: BBY GOYARD

BBY GOYARD - run shannon run (SABONIS) prod. tyson + gosuto


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