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Experimental artist Danielle Shepherd gives us a glimpse into her imagination

Visual artist Danielle Shepard invites you to get lost in her creations

'The Finch Stole my Moped'

Abstract artist Danielle Shepherd has developed a style of her own through experimenting with a variety of mediums. Using watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, prisma, pen, colored pencils, rubbing alcohol, and sharpie, Danielle is not afraid to try anything to achieve her desired design. “I even mix sharpie and charcoal together which ruins my sharpies, but has a good outcome.” she informed us, “It’s hard to just use one (medium), I even use the cheap kids markers from the dollar store.”

'Daring to be Distorted'

Using intense colors and varied tones, Danielle evokes a sense of whimsy within her creations. Combing movement, form, and color, she adds dimension and depth that invites the observer to get lost within her worlds. Danielle's line work is intricate and brush strokes smooth yet deliberate. An extraordinary display of talent to say the least.

'Fall Time in West Virginia'

Danielle wasn’t always the artist that she is today. It wasn’t until later on in life that she started cultivating her creative skills “I didn’t take art seriously until I started to fight my ongoing battle with addiction.” she recalls, “A lot of the time art is all I have left or have hope for; Art saved my life.”

'Heart of the Flower'

“I anticipate people can find happiness in this pain-induced art I’ve created for myself and others. Whether you’re fighting addiction, mental illness, or loss.. you really are not in this alone.” Danielle’s story is an inspiration to everyone that we all have a purpose and gifts to share. It’s never too late to start working toward what fulfills you, and change your mindset to tune into all the possibilities life has to offer.

'Lorax Speaks for the Flowers, too.'

We absolutely love what Danielle is doing and can't wait to see her continue to develop as a person and artist.

Check out more of her work and follow below!

Instagram: shepfosho


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