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family reunion - LEAGUE

Family Reunion is back with angsty track 'LEAGUE'

Family Reunion has been on the come up for a little bit now, releasing hit after hit and collabing with other great artists on songs like ‘LOSER’ and ‘Don't Waste My Time’. Her most recent single ‘LEAGUE’ proves her music making abilities once again. The alternative, bluesy, lo fi fusion track reels you in with a catchy, rhythmic guitar riff, that continues on and transforms for the duration of the doo wop. Throughout the track Jackie touches on catching feelings for someone but not believing you’re good enough, something most of us have probably been through. She breaks it down beautifully in the ambient bridge, “I think you’re out of my league.” While we all know she is in a league of her own, you can hear the genuity in her expression. We’re excited to watch Family Reunion continue to grow and develop as an artist, and can’t wait to see what she has in store!

Prodction by: Tombo and family reunion

Check out the track below!

Soundcloud: family reunion

family reunion - LEAGUE


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