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PsychoYP - YPSZN

Upcoming artist PsychoYP unites a variety of creatives on full length project 'YPSZN'

After releasing his 'Lost In The Sauce' EP almost two years ago, YP is back showing just what he's been up to all this time. Boasting 15 tracks with 20+ producers and artists, 'YPSZN' is an impressive feat to say the least. YP goes from showing off his bars on tracks like 'Andale' and 'Shake Em Off (feat. Denzel Oaks)', to showcasing his melodic ability on Afro beat tunes such as 'Losing You🌺' and 'Heartless (feat. Santi & Ayüü)'. The project has some quality instrumentals by producers elevatextoday, LeMav_, Higo, JayLon, and many more. Overall, 'YPSZN' is a great listen and PsychoYP an artist to keep up with for sure.

Our favorite tracks are 'Shake Em Off (feat. Denzel Oaks)' & 'Heartless (feat. Santi & Ayüü)'

Check out the rest of the project and artists below!

PsychoYP - YPSZN

Social Media:

Twitter: @PsychoYP

Soundcloud: @PsychoYP


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