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Keeko Kariya - MiniVan Days (waves joint)

Keeko Kariya latest single 'MiniVan Days (waves joint)'

21 year old emcee Keeko from the south side of Chicago found his passion for music at an early age singing in gospel choir and his praise team at church, well into High school. Later on, he was introduced to the underground rap scene and started making his own music.

Keeko is back with a classic beat produced by Freddie Joachim (used in Joey Bada$$ ‘Waves’ and J. Cole's 'False Prophets), on a track titled ‘MiniVan Days’. The first part of the song was written while he was still in highschool, and the rest just before he turned twenty, showing his growth as a human and telling a story of how music found him, and how it’s transformed his life.

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @keedeity

Soundcloud: keeko kariya ✰

keeko kariya - MiniVan Days (waves joint)


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