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Julian Wa - Julian Wa EP

Upcoming Australian artist Julian Wa with beautifully ambient self titled EP

Upcoming Australian indie artist Julian Wa recently released an enchanting self produced, self titled, EP. The first track 'Take Me Over' is short atmospheric introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the project. 'Bloom' comes on next with a beautifully mesmerizing guitar riff leading into Julian's agile vocals, perfectly showcasing Wa's range. The next joint, 'Follow me', is another short little feel-good ditty, with folksy vibes. 'All My Ways' is similar to the into, a short interlude with a captivating aura. The closing track 'Bathe in the Morning Sun' is a delightful track with more beautiful guitar riffs by Wa. Overall the project is a psychedelic, folksy, charming work of art, that displays Julian's musical abilities. We're looking forward to Wa's future projects!

Our favorite track is 'Bloom', check out the rest of the project below!

Soundcloud: Julian Wa

Julian Wa - Julian Wa EP


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