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Shahed Daoud the 18 year old self taught artist from Jordan

18 year old visual artist Shahed Daoud's eclectic creations

“Selena” - unfinished 2017 Acrylic on Canvas

Shahed Daoud is an 18 year old self taught artist from Jordan whose artistic styles ranges from surreal to abstract to portrait pieces. With each creation Shahed proves just how capable an artist she is.

“Salvador Dali” 2017 Acrylic on Canvas

Shahed’s creative journey started at an early age, “As a child I loved nothing more than to draw on boards and scribble in notebooks and fill out coloring books.” she recalls, “I was always drawn to colors and forms. For a long time I did not understand how exactly one is supposed to ‘make art’... I just created whatever I felt like, using a variety of materials.”

“Portrait of Tupac" 2016 Acrylic on Canvas

As time went on, she began to develop her artistic ability. “I realized that I must progress and practice on my own, so I taught myself how to properly create artworks without the help of a teacher or art tutor.” Dedicated to refining her skill, Shahed, "learned by (her) own experimentation and trial.”

“Personification of the Sun and the Moon” 2018 Acrylic on Canvas

“Art is a liberation from reality for me. It’s not just a way of self-expression, it’s in everything I do in my life. I see art in everything.” It's clear from her creations art is a way of life for this young painter.

“Abstraction of Mom” 2018 Acrylic on Canvas

Check out more of her work and follow below!

Instagram: _childofdestiny

“Self Portrait” 2017 Acrylic on Canvas


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