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daehan (대한) - San Francisco Bae w/ Dear Liry,

Daehan Seo and Dear Liry, come together to create sensational summery soundtrack "San Francisco Bae"

In recent weeks I've become a fan of LA producer daehan's music. From mixes of popular songs to original tracks he's got a little bit of everything. One of his recent releases "San Francisco Bae" features a more electronic pop sound, giving the joint a very playful vibe. Artist Dear Liry, comes on with beautiful and fun vocals over the vibrant instrumental which make this song a perfect introduction to the summer.

Art by: engie_engiengie

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @SeoDaehan


Soundcloud: daehan (대한)

yung dae

Dear Liry,

daehan (대한) - San Francisco Bae w/ Dear Liry,


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