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Freelance artist Madeleine Paris Dufault is on a mission to become a tattoo artist

Freelance creative Madeleine Paris Dufault and her traditional American tattoo inspired art

Madeleine Paris Dufault (Maddie for short) is a 20 year old freelance artist from Massachusetts, whose goal is to one day become a tattoo artist. “I’ve always been artistic”, Maddie recalls, ”with some of my pieces dating back to 2000 when I was just 2 years old.” It wasn’t until 2013 when she started to take art more serious.

Magpie & Hibiscus Syriacus Flowers

tattoo design

In highschool, Maddie began her career designing tattoos for friends, which in turn “Helped me discover what art style I enjoyed most.” Heavily inspired by American traditional tattooing, some of Maddie’s favorite artists include Cassandra Frances, Tony Blue Arms and Alexis Hepburn. Her favorite and most frequently used art supplies consist of “Dr. Ph. Martin’s India inks & watercolor paper” Maddie revealed, “Which is what I use for tattoo flash designs.”

One of her favorite things to do as an artist is sell her work at festivals. “Last year I participated in an event in Worcester, MA called StART on the Street and I’ll have a booth there again this year. I’m very excited, I’ve been attending the festival for about 5 years so it’s really cool to finally be a part of it all!"

“If you’re from the MA area come enjoy an afternoon of local art & food right on Park Ave on September 16th! I’m also displaying most of my canvas paintings (which will be for sale) and a few framed pieces at 3 Cross Fermentation Coop (4 Knowlton Ave) in Worcester starting on June 13th.”

"Femme Power" & "Prisoner of Paint" Stickers

You can find prints of her artwork on her website along with stickers & a virtual gallery of her pieces. Definitely worth a peek, she has some really amazing prints for sale. If you are interested in custom work such as a tattoo design, a portrait, or painting (acrylic, oil, watercolor) contact me via email at any time by sending a message to

Check out more of her work and follow below!


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