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Visual artist Efia Serwah and her impassioned impressions

Self taught painter Efia Serwah uses painting as an emotional outlet


Maame Maami, The Daughter of Maria, The Divine Fem

Vibrant, vivid and lively are a few words that come to mind when viewing Efia Serwah’s work. Each piece is flooded with emotion, energy and unique aesthetic. Her use of thick lines, soft edges and clearly defined lighting allude to formal training, but this self taught artist is simply a natural.

Bleed Out & Wash it Away

Ever since Efia was young she had a knack for art. “I’ve always doodled or sketched during class to combat boredom” she recalls. Though she wanted to pursue schooling in art she was pressure not to by her parents, and it became, “an outlet and a healing process.”​

'In Your Face'

“Feelings I can’t express daily or put my finger on, statements I can’t quite form, all come out in my pieces.” she explains, “My motivations range from body positivity to strong dark emotions, and usually reflect myself and my emotional state.”

'Mermay Entry'

Her use of saturated color and admiration of the female figure are clear themes throughout her portfolio, and Efia has definitely come into her own style.

'Headless/ GardenHead'

We're excited to see what creations she has in store!

Check out more of her work and follow below!

Twitter: @Sayywarr



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