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Multi dimensional artist Mike Melinoe perfected his technique 'Shades of Hospitality'

Detroit artist Mike Melinoe understands what it is to be fully expressive

000090 36x48in Canvas Acrylic

Creative artist, musician, visionary, creative director, entrepreneur and founder of Gold Aint Cheap, Mike Melinoe, understands what it is to truly express yourself to say the least. Raised by a single mother, in Detroit, Mi, Mike says he “witnessed (her) work miracles out of nothing, struggle, cry and remain contained enough to get by.” Mike has few inspirations, only because, “I find inspiration in damn near everything,” but his main inspiration, “Is my mother first. Seeing her work so hard to do everything she could to protect and raise her children is, one, a blessing and two, an example of the power and will of black women.”

Musically inclined herself, as well as his biological father (a great pianist from Detroit, MI who’s played at several churches and toured with many gospel and R&B acts) Mike speculates,”It's safe to say things were destine for me.”

000005 20x24in Canvas Acrylic

Creating music in his room at a young age led to his love of Jazz instrumentation. In elementary he picked up the violin, performed in plays and sang in the choir, but it wasn't quite his passion.

As time went on Mike discovered and fell in love with rap. “The first time I heard Lil Wayne on my TV screen, during the Hot Boyz era, I was glued to rap music.” What had him hooked was “The poetic words and rhythms.” As well as stories he could relate to due to his upbringing.

​000166 30x40in Canvas Acrylic

He made his first song as Mike Melinoe in early 2012 and never stopped. “With searching deeper on the daily about myself, purpose and existence,” Mike says, “I began to paint.”

In December of 2016 Mike recalls he, “Picked up the brush for the first time since my adolescence and attempted to paint whatever I felt.” It was while on acid he truly fell in love with the, “sensational feeling of art.”

000172 16x20in Canvas Acrylic

Painting became his therapy until he started doubting his ability, due to no technical training. Things took a turn for the better around May 2017 once Mike discovered his own style 'Shades of Hospitality'. Mike describes Shades of Hospitality as growth. “It's the baggage that we carry as humans on the daily, good or bad.” And the journey to overcome.

000008 18x24in Canvas Acrylic

“My art is everything to me and it's allowing me to expand and enlighten those I come in contact with on the daily.” Mike adds, “I'm sure without art or music I wouldn't be alive. I think to myself all the time, if my whole life is to create and inspire I'd die by that and be fine. Because ultimately we're here to help our neighbors and tell our stories in hopes that one day we all prosper.”

Check out more of his work and follow him below!


Instagram: mikemelinoe

Facebook: MelinoeWorld

Youtube: Mike Melinoe

Soundcloud: Mike Melinoe


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