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Dimitry Dino heads to London!

21 year old artist Dimitry Dino goes to London for his first photoshoot with ASOS.

If you didn't know, Dimitry Dino doesn't just do music; he also juggles an active modeling career! Recently, he's made a big achievement getting signed to a model agency, which has opened up many doors for him. One of them being chosen to to model clothes for fashion company ASOS.

Here's a little summary about his experience he tells us,

"It was the day right before my flight for Vegas, my agency had a casting for ASOS. I remember just being hyped to go to this casting then go to Vegas for my 21st birthday. I didn't think much of the casting, but I do remember my friend telling me I'd definitely get it. I honestly didn't think I would. I'm a new face and just got signed like 3 months ago lol.

Anyway, I went to the casting and the booker and I were having great conversation which is always a good sign. After the casting my agent told me that their most likely going to chose me, I was in disbelief. I was so hyped haha I called my dad and told him I'm going to need to get VISA ASAP! So I got my visa after my birthday weekend and started to get ready for this trip.

I left the 21st of February - 28th. Mind you, I never traveled by myself before, especially outside the country! At first I was super calm and didn't think much of it, until it was actually time for me to leave for my flight. Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous haha, so much could go wrong. The flight was very smooth. I made some friends while working there. There were models from all over the world: America, Brazil, Russia, London, you name it!

London was super fun to explore, such a beautiful place. Overall I had a great experience and can't wait to go back and work again! Super blessed! Big thank you to ASOS booker , and my agent! Life changing experience." he says.

Check out his latest track below!

Twitter: @aderalll

Soundcloud: Dimitry Dino

Dimitry Dino - Run


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