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UK visual artist talks to us about his inspirations and unique style

UK visual artist creates psychedelic worlds within his art

'Jagged Poster Series 13'

Joshua Brettell, a 21 year old creative hailing from Gloucester, UK. is an artist studying graphic design. He operates under his studio ‘JaggedJ_’ which is where you can find his artwork. His personal account ‘joshuabrettell’, contains more of his amazing photography. JaggedJ's goal is to be a massive creative outlet, with artwork, graphic design, clothing, music, video and much more. His ultimate goal, he explained, "is to inspire my peers to be themselves, stand out from the crowd, be unique and express YOU, be the jagged edge, stand out, be jagged. You can have your dreams, they’re here and now".

'Jagged Poster Series 15'

Graphic design is not the only medium he uses, from drawing/painting, digital art, collage, photography and animation, amongst other things he told us he's, "finding my way on this beautiful planet & hope to go travelling in the near future, hit as many countries as I can & explore the culture & art as much as possible." Art has always been a love of his, and was rekindled when he went to college.

'Jagged Poster Series 32'

His art is heavily inspired by the sci-fi movements of the 70s and 80s and the hippie & psychedelic revolution in the 60s and all the art/ creativity that came with it. Ukiyo-E and other eastern techniques also play a role in his work. Surrealism is another movement he's fused into his work. "I like creating a different world in my art," he explained, "I use a lot of textures in my work that I made myself".

'A New World'

Many different, funky and psychedelic colours can be seen in his personal artwork. "My style is kind of a compilation of everything I’m inspired by." he told us, "I am constantly amazed by the colours & textures that nature shows me, & I try to amplify and show this through my work."

'Leopard Collage'


Check out more of his work and follow him below!

Twitter: @_Yehoshua

Instagram: joshuabrettell


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