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UK visual artist talks to us about his inspirations and unique style

UK visual artist creates psychedelic worlds within his art

'Jagged Poster Series 13'

Joshua Brettell, a 21 year old creative hailing from Gloucester, UK. is an artist studying graphic design. He operates under his studio ‘JaggedJ_’ which is where you can find his artwork. His personal account ‘joshuabrettell’, contains more of his amazing photography. JaggedJ's goal is to be a massive creative outlet, with artwork, graphic design, clothing, music, video and much more. His ultimate goal, he explained, "is to inspire my peers to be themselves, stand out from the crowd, be unique and express YOU, be the jagged edge, stand out, be jagged. You can have your dreams, they’re here and now".

'Jagged Poster Series 15'