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Visual artist Sarahlaine Calva shows us her perspective through the expression of art

North Carolina artist Sarahlaine Calva uses a variety of techniques to help illustrate her perspective of the world

'Downtown Raleigh Mural'

Sarahlaine Calva is a 19 year old artist from Raleigh, NC who makes art to express her view of culture, politics and the world in general. Some of her artistic influences include Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. She utilizes unique art techniques like stippling, pointillism, cross hatching, and includes various geometric shapes and distinct colors and patterns to create her own individualistic approach. Sarah admires the theme of Pop Art and attempts to incorporate that theme into each of her works.


Her concentration theme focuses upon the subject of Psychology and its effects on people and their environment. Her preference on materials most times involves using Prismacolor markers and fine tip marker pens. She told us, "The color palettes I create are well thought out for the colors selected encompass a deeper meaning for each piece to set the mood and emotion". She continued, "My artwork takes a critical view of social, emotional, political and cultural issues. I prefer my art to require thought rather than it being a straightforward subliminal message."

Check out some of her pieces below!



'Airport Vibes'


Check out more of her work and follow her below!

Instagram: sarahsface


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