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14 year old Las Vegas artist Victoria L. creates abstract visuals

14 year old Victoria L. opened up to us about her abstract style and evolution as an artist

'Ooglie booglie'

14 year old Las Vegas artist Victoria L. has been gaining a buzz ever since she started posting her art online in April, 2017. Her style has evolved from abstract, black & white, sharpie doodles to the colorful creations she makes today. She told us "It was pretty easy to translate my feelings into a black and white picture, since my mood always felt accordingly, but I soon realized that color was something I was missing in my life". She went on to say "It sounds cliche, but when I started using the brightest and boldest of colors it made me feel connected and most proud of my work in a way I've never felt before, so it just stuck."

'messy boi'

She told us more about her style and how it continues to change, "I'd say my artistic style is just a reflection of whatever I'm going through at the moment, demonstrated by a family of different characters which I see as different struggles/insecurities in my life". But she's well aware that her art progresses with her, "being that I'm so young and that the mind is constantly growing". She told us she will always try to include vibrant color with black & white stripes in her work, "I think the contrast is beautiful and is a separate message on its own, but I like it best when I pair those factors with a deeper meaning within each color and facial expression of the odd looking people I draw."


'sloppi stripped sue's sister, preppy patty polka'

'it's okay, I'm still golden'

'Captain of the Lonely Hearts Club'

Check out more of her work and follow her below!

Twitter: @fewocious

Instagram: vlfewocious


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