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Flordia native Michael Scott shows us his multi medium creations

From drawing to digital, Michael Scott has an eclectic style

'Double Perspective'

Michael Scott is a visual artist originally from Broward county but currently residing in Orlando, Florida. In the last two years he told us ,"I have picked up the paintbrush and found myself a creative side I never knew existed." With the opportunities social media has provided, his art has taken him from, "being an adequate doodler to a full time artist". C0urrently attending the University of Central Florida he recently made a major switch from biomedical sciences to graphic design. His art consists of mostly acrylic painting and digital art using applications like Procreate, photoshop, and illustrator.

Check out some of his pieces and follow below!

'Issa giraffe'

'Camouflaged honey'

'Female Orbit'

'Elementary Elephant'


Check out more of his work and follow him below!


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