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Stew Stim - GUMBO KAZOO (Beat Tape)

Producer Stew Stim has developed a distinct sound and aesthetic on GUMBO KAZOO

There's not much information on Stew Stim out there, but his work speaks for itself. With an out of this world sound and aesthetic unparalleled by any producers today, it's only a matter of time before Stew makes his way to the big leagues. His recent release a, beat tape titled 'GUMBO KAZOO', boasts 9 tracks of straight dreamy and futuristic vibes. We're excited to see what projects Stew Stim has in store for 2018.

Check out the project below!

Twitter: @stewstim

Soundcloud: Stew Stim


Stew Stim - GUMBO KAZOO ✰Full Tape✰


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