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Columbus, Ohio freelance artist Hakim Callwood creates surreal visuals

From painting and animation to teaching, freelance artist Hakim Callwood does it all


Hakim Callwood is a 24 year old freelance illustrator/designer from Columbus, Ohio. He does everything from from painting, drawing and animation to teaching others. Hakim's long term goal is to create educational, hands on visual art work spaces so everyone has the opportunity to be able to express themselves. His style is difficult to describe, seemingly influenced by impressionism, abstract and surrealism it's unique to say the least. I am a 24 year old freelance illustrator, designer, and animator from Columbus, Ohio. His main influences are cartoons, video games and comics.

Check out some of his pieces and follow below!

'Jolly Rancher'


'Space Lady'


Check out more of his work and follow him below!

Instagram: HakimsArtNStuff

Support him on Patreon HERE


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