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Delinda Arts creates 'vibed-out' visuals

Mathew Bloomer a.k.a. Delinda Arts, talks about his growth as a creative and artistic style

Matthew David Bloomer started Delinda Arts in March of 2015, but has been doing art ever since he laid eyes upon Lion King (the first VHS his father gave him as a present). Matthew's father, Delbert Bloomer, was always very nurturing of his talents from an early age. Bloomer stayed creative all throughout his high school career being voted “Most Artistic” of his class.


He would doodle all the time in class while paying attention of course. He even designed a t-shirt for his school’s annual football rivalry. In 2012, he graduated high school and attended The Art Institute of Atlanta to study animation.


After two years with the Art Institute he attended SAE Institute of Atlanta to learn audio engineering, due to a strong passion for music that was sparked after meeting a group of musically inclined individuals. Also another short lived education, Bloomer stepped away from audio engineering school to tend to Delinda Arts which took shape while he was attending SAE. Delinda Arts is an extension off of his parents’ dream to have a computer company, Delinda Technical Services.


Due to the loss of his father in 2002, his mother, Linda Bloomer had to step away from Delinda Technical Services to focus on raising Matthew and his twin sister, Maya. Although Delinda Arts is just comprised of Bloomer and his imagination, Matthew hopes to turn Delinda Arts into a creative powerhouse that would one day join the ranks of Apple and Disney.


Mathew went into more detail about his style, "My signature style is called "Vibed Out" - a combination of abstract, curvy shapes that cooperate with (or flow off of ) one another to form a certain composition weather it's a woman staring into the eye of the viewer, a favorite childhood cartoon character, a man teleporting through shapes, or a musician that I look up to for creativity. I place my shapes on a black background and use lush, vibrant colors which makes for a pleasing contrast. Vibed Out was molded by my fascination of realism, pointillism, and pop art."



Check out more of his work and follow below!

Twitter: @Delinda_Arts

Instagram: delinda_arts


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