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California artist Shai creates vibrant celebrations of the female figure

22 year old artist celebrates female beauty in her surreal artistic style

Shai (alilpickle) is a 22 year old California native who made a doodling hobby into art. She revealed to us that doodling has always been an escape for her and says it's always been easy for her her color and draw even as a little kid. In school she would fill her assignments with doodles and never failed to get in trouble.

'direct messages pt. 3'

Creating art has been a safe zone for her since a young age. Using vibrant colors and shapes is something she's always loved, which is evident in her work. More recently she's been celebrating the beauty of the female anatomy by turning it into art without sexualizing it. Shai is "really big on self love" and loves, "being able to make people feel comfortable in their skin no matter their shape or size." We love Shai's art and mission, and are excited to see her growth as an artist.

Check out more of her amazing work below!

'the way I felt that day'


'casually unusual'

'direct messages'


'nothing is real'

Check out more art, follow and buy prints below!

Twitter: @alilpickle

Instagram: alilpickle


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