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NyQuinn - Little Mi$$understood (EP)

NyQuinn releases her debut project 'Little Mi$$understood'

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, singer Nyquinn has recently released her debut EP a couple of weeks ago and it is smooth! Though only 6 songs, NyQuinn's debut project 'Little Mi$$understood' shows you her many layers. The EP starts off with "Roll Your Blunt" where she meets a guy at a party who she instantly connects with. She digs him so much that she would roll (his) blunt for him. The EP gets deep on track 3 "Love Scars" when she opens up about a toxic back & forth relationship she felt trapped in. One of the most powerful lines, "I love you, but I love myself more" illustrates how much the relationship was taking a toll on her. Track 4, "I'm Always Urs" is a fan favorite giving off a heavy 90's R&B vibe with a Keith Sweat sample, where NyQuinn's sexiness and sassiness really shines through. In the last track "Conformity" things come full circle when she fully accepts herself flaws & all. This is definitely a project to check out and vibe to.

Check out the project below!

Twitter: @slowclasskai

Soundcloud: Nyquinn

NyQuinn - Little Mi$$understood (EP)


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