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Nezi Momodu – Seasons (Album)

Texas artist Nezi Momodu drops sentimental 'Seasons'

Insanely talented Nezi Momodu hit us with this emotional roller coaster titled 'Seasons'. Representing her journey of self actualization and discovery, this project is a masterpiece to say the least. 27 tracks of thoughtful and purposeful songs mixed with snippets of conversation and monologues that go along with the theme of growth and change. Her rhymes are on point and voice is lovely on each track over old school vibe instrumentals to new school. We love to see strong women prospering in the music scene and can't wait to see what Nezi has in store!

Our favorite track was Dreams, check out that track and the rest of the project below!

Twitter: @Nezifah

Soundcloud: Nezi Momodu

Nezi Momodu – Seasons (Album)


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