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Lit The Alchemist - Frequencies (EP)

Easton artist Lit The Alchemist drops genre defying EP 'Frequencies'

Easton artist Lit The Alchemist has been changing the game with his sophomore EP titled 'Frequencies'. Lit's growth as an artist is clear from his first project 'Pure Alchemy - The Beginning'. With producers like cxld blxxd, Loyaltee ShowOff, and TayloreMadeBeatz to name a few, Lit's production choice blends hip hop and alternative rock to create an angsty atmosphere. The themes and melodies vibe well on each track as Lit touches on topics such as lost love, loneliness and drugs. We're excited to see what's next for Lit and Team Alchemy.

Check out the project below!

Twitter: @Litthealchemist





Soundcloud: Lit The Alchemist

cxld blxxd

Loyaltee ShowOff

TTmBeatz - Tony Taylor



Lit The Alchemist - Frequencies (EP)


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