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A conversation with Easton's own DJ Hektik

One of Lehigh Valley's greatest, DJ Hektik, gave us a closer look into his personal and professional life, his motivation and philosophy of life.

Q: Who are you?

A: "Dj Hektik, when I was 16 I walked into a party and someone yelled “It’s about to get hectic” so I just ran with it but spell it different."

Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: "When people come up to me and say “Keep doing your thing” or just compliment me about the hard work and dedication they see in me, I like seeing others pushing and pursuing the same things I am, so it motivates me to do the work too. I also have accountability partners, people that hold me accountable to stay on track to achieve any goals."

Q: When did you start creating?

A: "I was 15 years old walking around with CD’s taking them to parties because people knew I had the lit music. When I got my first laptop I started messing around with virtual DJ and would just play music in basement parties for like $50. I saved some money up and bought equipment, by the time I was 16 I started making some money being a DJ, I hit 17 years old and was doing nightclubs in the area, so I just stuck with it ever since."

Q: Who are some of your favorite local artists/ creatives right now?

A: "My boy Dreadhead definitely up there, he makes real good music, it go crazy in the club too. Another favorite is Sean Samus, he’s real committed to the music and works super hard, his music slaps! Nojuice Q another one, his 'Privacy' record went viral. He sent it to me months before it dropped and I replied “You got one, this a hit!” Those are a few just to name, but shouts to all artists in the area!"

Q: Who do you work with?

A: "Well I manage Dreadhead, so whenever he’s in the studio I’m right there with him, I’m hosting a project with him and my boy Ree Hunnit dropping real soon. Sean Samus & I recently dropped a tape this past summer titled 'Summerdaze' which has straight bangers on there, you just gotta start geekin when you bump that! but I'm down to work with absolutely anyone."

Q: What sets you apart?

A: "I think what makes me different from other DJ's is the way I spin. A lot of DJ’s will just transition all night from song to song, which is cool, but I get involved with the crowd like talking on the mic,.Crowd control is everything. I might even leave the booth and go start wildin out with the crowd. I play a lot of different music too, others just play mainstream and Top 40, but if you attend an event I'm spinning at, I promise you will hear different music. I like to break records in, which basically means playing a track that’s hot and getting the crowd to know it."


Q: Favorite career memory or moment?

A: "Man I have a couple, one of them is definitely meeting PNB Rock 3 years ago at a show with only like 100 people there. I was talking to him then myself and his manager actually exchanged numbers. Another one was spinning at the Lil Uzi show in Stroudsburg in front of a 1600 people sold out crowd. Uzi’s shows are crazy. I have a lot of good moments as a DJ, too many to name haha."

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your plans for the future?

A: "Hopefully rocking festival stages with big names. I’d like to become a tour DJ and travel doing shows, or getting a permanent spot on the radio would be dope too!"

Q: Any words of wisdom or anything you want to let people know?

A: "I just want everyone to keep working hard at their goals, don’t stop and to believe in their craft! We all may have a dream, but many people fail to break down their dream into smaller steps, put it on paper and act on it daily, your goals must excite and motivate you!

Make sure to check out some of his work and follow him below!

Soundcloud: DjHektik973

Twitter: @DjHektik973

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