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Polo $ummers - $ad Boi (prod. waVE GoD)

Boston artist Polo $ummers recently dropped banger '$ad Boi' (prod. waVE GoD)

Coming out of Dorchester artist Polo $ummers is bringing new vibes to the scene with recent single'$ad Boi' (prod. waVE GoD). Speaking on his experience and opinions about what’s been happening in his life and in the world. Polo's nonchalant energy has a way of bringing his words to life on this track. Polo intentions were to motivate all to go after whatever they want in life and to stay true to yourself, no matter your situation.

Check out the track below!

Twitter: @polosummers

Soundcloud: POLO $UMMERS

BeatStars: waVE GoD

Polo $ummers - '$ad Boi' (prod. waVE GoD)


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