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A conversation with Easton's REE HUNNIT

Easton's REE HUNNIT has been making a name for himself in the past couple years with his rapping career. We got a chance to talk to him about his personal life and growth as an artist. Be sure to Be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming project with DreadHead!

Q: Who are you?

A: "Kyree Bowls a.k.a REE HUNNIT short for REE HUNNIT DOLLAR BILL, not to many people know about the DOLLAR BILL on the end."

Q: What does your name stand for?

A: "A life long female friend actually gave me that name because I always kept it real and "100" with her, we made our own spelling because REE HUNDRED didn't really flow well and it actually didn't start off as my stage name, it was actually my Twitter name that people started to cling to and call me it ."

Q: What was it like growing up where you did and how did it influence you?

A: "Growing up on South Side Easton was different, not really the hood but it can get real. I don't wanna say I got too deep in the streets but I did my fair share. Nothing too serious though, I've learned my lessons and that's reflected in my music through stories of different events and things I been through growing up."

Q: When did you really start perusing music?

A: "A year after I graduated high school, I realized school wasn't for me. It was tough because I had to give up football, my first passion, but music was something I was always into. I always wrote verses in my notebooks during class I just never actually recorded anything. Then one time this girl (who I won't name because we are still cool) had cheated on me. The process of writing and recording my experience was like therapy. It made me feel better and that was pretty much the start of me taking music serious."

Q: How would you describe your sound and how has it evolved?

A: "If I had to use a word to describe my style I would classify it as 'Pretty Boy Trap' haha. Pretty much meaning you'll hear me speak on the streets, but I'm not all the way a hood nigga, you know? I was in the streets but ain't fully make it my life. My music has evolved in every way. I remember I couldn't even write a hook or do adlibs, now I can do it all. I used to only wanna make diss tracks and battle people when I first started but now that I know the components I feel like I finally found my sound."

Q: Who are some of your favorite local artists right now?

A: "DREADHEAD! That's my favorite. I like Sean Samus, that kid works very hard. I been fucking with Raun G too. I like YP, I been bumping him ever since "I Don't See Nobody". I fuck with NOJUICEQUE and was recently put on to Jay Laden. Those are some artists I bump and definitely would like to work with in the near future."

Q: What differentiates you from other artists?

A: "I think my willingness to embrace criticism sets me apart, so many artist get to offend by criticism. I take it for what it is, then go back to the lab and make some shit they can't say nothing about. Also my growing confidence. As an artist confidence is hard to find, you know your work but you're constantly thinking about how people are gonna like it. I found this confidence where I know my shit hot, because I worked hard. I feel like the Goku of this rap shit."

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: "Probably in a movie or smiling on the front of a magazine or some shit! I don't know where this music is gonna take me but I believe God gave it to me as a tool to access other tools and blessings in life. I'm just following his plans. Who knows I could be running my own record label someday. REE HUNNIT RECORDS COME GET SIGNED haha!"


Twitter: @REE_HUNNIT

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