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Memphis' artist Pygeon is on an intriguing mission!

"Probably Your Greatest Example Of Nothing"

"Pygeon" which is an acronym for "Probably Your Greatest Example Of Nothing" is a 19 year old artist based out of Memphis, TN. His name has been inspired by the bird because even though they are one of the smartest creatures on the planet they often are deemed pest or simply looked over.


However, even though pigeons are not liked by the masses they are everywhere and many have come to just accept them into society. His artistic mission is to emulate the life of a pigeon. He wills to be in every major city and be accepted in people's daily lives with or without their permission. Achieving this through working with music artist, clothing brands, and many other methods.


His main focus at the moment is commissioning album covers for music artist or producers. Coming soon, his brand "Pigeon Wear" will be launching November 1, 2017 and he hopes to be partnering with many more to come.

"Young Picaso"

Twitter: @youngpygeon

Instagram: @youngpygeon


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