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Shon Goner - On the 7th Day (EP)

Philly artist Shon Goner drops long awaited project 'On the 7th Day'

Philadelphia artist Shon Goner recently released layered EP 'On the 7th Day'. The seven track project demonstrates Shon's growth as an artist over the last two years. 'On the 7th Day' is sprinkled with spiritual themes starting with the title which stems from the belief that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Throughout the project Goner's experimentation with various sounds, cadences and themes can be heard. The lead single 'Singin' Like' (Dadada) concludes the project on a positive note. Production by talent like Lunar Beats, Maaly Raw, Andrew Meoray, Benny Warren. and Shon himself gave this project a unique energy.

Check out the project below!

Twitter: @ShonGoner

Soundcloud: Shon Goner

Shon Goner - On the 7th Day (EP)


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