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A look into Your$TrulyYoungVisionary

Q: Who are you?

A: "I’m a super dope artist from New Jersey on the rise man by the name of YV, I don’t like to put myself in a box, by just labeling myself as a Rapper or hip hop artist. I’m just a artist creating some dope vibes."

Q: What does your name stand for/ name origin?

A: "Y$TYV is a shortened form of my complete artist name ( Your$TrulyYV) YV stands for Young Visionary because that’s exactly what I am a Visionary."

Q: Who/what are your music influences?

A: "My musical influences are always hard for me to answer for the simple fact that I don’t think my music really sounds like any of my favorite artist. I listen to a lot of Drake, that’s definitely my all time favorite artist. I listen to a lot of Rick Ross and Tory Lanez too, The Weekend, PartyNextDoor and some underground artists. But for the most part I’m either listening to my own songs or one of those guys that I mentioned."

Q: When did you realize this is was your passion and when was music introduced to you?

A: "I started taking music serious probably like two or three years ago, I’ve always been into music ever since high school. It just got to a point where I was in college and I’m kind of just looking around like what the fuck am I really doing here? I need to be pursuing music and ever since then I’ve been with music 100%

Q: How would you describe your sound/style, and how has it evolved?

A: "Man this another tough question because I don’t know how to describe my sound, it’s just Me. I keep it as authentic as possible to my true nature and my energy. My sound has evolved so much since my first project where I was kind of just testing the water trying to get a feel for everything, definitely like night and day. The sound I have now is like that moment when you finally figure out exactly who you are and what your purpose is, that’s the moment I’m living in right now."

Q: Who do you work with in the industry?

A: "I work very closely with my engineer Colin McCabe, he definitely plays a critical role in my sound. I’ll try and explain the sound I’m going for and he just gets me and he’ll make the sound I’m hearing in my head come to life, it’s a dope process. I’ve worked with a local artist by the name of Ace Boon & Akili, they were both actually featured on my Newest project. Their dope as fuck, so I definitely fuck with those guys heavy."

Q: What makes you differentiates you from other artists?

A: "Everything about me makes me different from other artists, As cliché as it sounds. It’s really true though, I don’t sound like anyone and I don’t try to sound like anyone but myself. I’m so big on being original in your music and pushing boundaries on your sound. I’m not afraid to try new things or to try and push my style musically, I really have a fearless approach to my music, I have a genuine love for the artistry."

Q: Could you describe your creative process?

A: "My creative process is definitely sitting up at like around 12-1 A.M listening to a crazy vibe and just writing my experiences down, or the experiences of somebody close to me. When I’m listening to the beat I’m really looking at it like a empty vessel I need to breathe life into through my experiences. I’m definitely picky as fuck too when it comes to production selection, I need everything perfect, I’m an extreme over thinker so if one thing seems off to me, it doesn’t matter how small it is I’m like nah that’s a dub we have to move on to something else."

Q: What projects are you working on now? What makes it different from previous projects?

A: "I just released My second EP 9TWO7 which is like the birth of my true sound. This project is different from the previous ones I released because this project is where I really found myself, my style, Its complete confidence in this project, no doubts. And I think for the people that’s kind of been keeping up with me and my music can see that too."

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: "In 5 years I see myself being a part of that new wave sound, continuing to push boundaries, Inspiring other artists to do the same and staying true to myself. Also continue to grow as a brand and artist."

Q: Any words of wisdom or anything you need to let the people know?

A: "Some words of wisdom I have is to stress how important it is to stay true to yourself and not to worry about things that are going on around you. Just focus on what your trying to accomplish and do that shit, don’t let anyone discourage you. Everybody is trying to be somebody, except their self. Just be you."

Soundcloud: Y$TYV

Twitter: @YSTYV_

Check out '9TWO7' below!

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