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18 year old artist Colin Blu creates controlled chaos

18 year old Colin Blu's vibrant, impassioned collages

Colin Blu is a talented individual from Columbus, Ohio. When he submitted his art to our blog, we felt the need to share it with everyone. Inspired by the internet, music and advertisement artwork, his style has been described as ‘controlled chaos’. Some of his artistic influences include: Bryant Giles, Katie Montgomery, Ian Woods, Zack Villere, Pablo Picasso, Sam Siegfried, Tyler The Creator, Brockhampton, & Kevin Abstract. Not only does he make amazing art, but progressive music as well. He is currently working on a book created by Sam Siegfried titled “Walnut Hills” which will include Sams photography and a combination of their direction/writing and Colin’s art work and graphics In the future he would love to direct films, collaborate with clothing brands, do mural work on buildings, and billboard art, which he is clearly working towards. We look forward to watching Colin Blu grow as an artist.

Be sure to follow him on social media and check out his artwork below!

Instagram: @colinblu

'it's just blood'



'orange blond' Frank Ocean inspired piece

'sunday swimming'

'she loved the chaos but not me'


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