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Super​Smash​Broz - Family Cookout (Project)

Hip hop duo Super​Smash​Broz unite Boston with ambitious project 'Family Cookout'

The SuperSmashBroz are a DJ/production duo based in Boston. After creating a serious buzz in their native city, the duo decided in 2016 to go ahead and curate a compilation album titled 'Family Cookout'. Featuring over 20 immensely talented artists based out of Greater Boston, this project is one of the biggest collabs I've seen in a while. The intention of this project was to "highlight the plethora of gifted artists Massachusetts has to offer, especially those who don't really have a good platform to display their talents." According to the brothers, "Boston's music scene has been slept on for far too long and we feel like it's up to us to help curate the vibes and sounds that our city's scene has."

The project is eclectic to say the least. From trap to afro/dancehall inspired to synth-y pop, this project has it all. The quality production bring this project to the next level aswell. It's a feel good, fun listen all the way through.

Our favorite track was U Thought feat. Gio Dee & Polo $ummers (prod. Dreaveli x Lil Rich),

Follow them on their social media and check out the rest of the project below!

SuperSmashBroz - Family Cookout

Soundcloud: SuperSmashBroz


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