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Lehigh Valley's ALFAS' take a trip to New Jersey.

The ALFAS' make their stamp at the BlueRoom

Over the weekend, on September 23, 2017, the ALFAS' shook down the BlueRoom venue located in Secaucus, NJ along with a few other upcoming artists like: Junior Rhymes , Cali Bangz , and PSANITY. Grateful, we had the honor of attending event! With music by DJ TARZAN and hosted by DJ GAZA the function turned out to be a pretty positive and organic experience.

The ALFAS' who performed that night consisted of Al - Tarik (A. Styles) and YoungManPrince (YMP). The two of them performed the latest 3 tracks they've recorded. Al - Tarik was first to hit the stage, starting off with his latest single "Fall Off". He actually just released a dope music video for it a couple weeks ago on YouTube. Make sure to go check that out and show some love. The other two tracks he performed are "Waaves" and "Morning Sunrise"and they will be available to the public very soon.

The act following up next was ALFA's very own YoungManPrince. Performing 3 unreleased, it seems as though YMP likes to see how his audience react to his songs before dropping them. In order of the performance, the songs are called "Go Up", "Bando", and "Cookout Music". After performing, YMP stated that the tracks will be available on streaming platforms soon.

At the end of the performance, the crew decide to stick around to connect with the musicians. All of the artists were eager to network and come together. Overall, the event held no more than 100 people in attendance. through everyone in attendance. However, it was very much live and lots of love was show to each artists.

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