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MEET THE LEGEND: Nick Torius of 6FTinterviews

Young entrepreneur Nick Torius goes deep with a variety of creatives on 6FTinterviews

Nick & purpdrank

Entrepreneur and creative Nick Torius was generous enough to take some time and talk with us about his perspective, how he operates, his influences, and life experience in general. He also gave some good advice to upcoming rappers and creatives in general

Q: Who are you and what do you do?

A: "My name is Nick Torius, I run the underground hip hop blog 6FT or 6FT Interviews. I basically interview artists/ creatives and people who are paving a way for themselves in whatever they're doing. The name Nick Torius comes from my name Nicholas, which means Victory of the People, and I liked how victory sounded so I was going to choose either Nicktory or Nick Torious so I chose Nick Torius because it sounded better and Victory of the People meant something to me since I'm helping a lot of people with my interview platform.”


Q: How and when did you get started?

A: "I got started as a rapper and would always be at rap shows. I was always networking with artists and I had built up a huge contact list. I watched interviews so I started hitting up all of those people that I met at rap shows.”

Q: Who are your creative role models/ influences in general?

A: "I grew up watching 'Two and a Half Men' and always looked up to Charlie Sheen, he's been the person that I wanted to be like and I studied all of his movies and shows, so he's been my biggest influence. I've also looked up to a lot of great Interviewers as well like Charlamagne, Adam22, DJ Akademiks, all the big blogspots doing interviews with artists. My life has been influenced by this game that I used to spend my life playing called 'Runescape' as well, which I take my life philosophy from. In 'Runescape' you get skills and you have to grind to get them to level 99 and I see life the same way. Grinding to get to level 99 in some skill whether its interviews or making beats, the more I do the more experience I get and eventually I'll max out my skills. In the music world my biggest influence was always Gucci Mane. I wouldn't be who I am without him.”

Q: How would you describe your interviewing technique, and how has it evolved?

A: "At first I wanted to have conversations with the people that I was interviewing and just turn on the camera and record the conversations that I was having with them already except this time upload them to YouTube. I wasn't writing down any questions unless I was scheduling to do an interview with someone big, which I would then proceed to write down the questions, but I noticed that every time that I wrote down the questions and do research I would always for some reason not get that interview and I would be devastated, so I stopped researching people and writing down questions because I thought I was cursed. It was funny because I tested this theory when there was an event in Miami called Trap Circus and I wrote down questions for all of the artists that were performing and when I was backstage the only people that I didn't write questions for were Adam22, Lil Tracy, Reggie Mills, and BWA Ron, who all I interviewed that night.”

Q: Any other creative outlets and/or hobbies?

A: "I'm an all around creative person, as long as I can make something I'll do it. If I'm not doing interviews I'm making beats, editing videos, fixing up my YouTube or Instagram page, coding on my website, drawing vectors on illustrator, tattooing, 3D modeling, engineering vocals, playing piano, writing scripts and comics, writing ideas down for my books, practicing animation, drawing, claymation. Anything that's creative I'll try at it and practice it.”

Q: What are your favorite works of art (books,movies, albums, songs, ect.) that changed your life and what insight did it give?

A: “The work of art that changed my life has definitely been the anime show 'Fullmetal Alchemist'. I've honestly never seen anything better and it really awakened a new way of seeing the world for what it really is, and I learned a lot about philosophy and humans in general after watching it. After watching XXXtentacion's interview on No Jumper was when I really felt compelled to doing interviews because of the energy I felt that X brought in that interview. I always wanted to just be a rapper but after watching that interview it kind of like something in my head that made me see doing interviews as something that wasn't lame and that I would rather do than just making music.”

Q: Something most people don’t know about you?

A: “I'm very critical on how professional people appear. I'm a grammar nazi, I hate reading books with spelling and grammar mistakes. I also hate when people come up to me as if they've known me forever. I really appreciate when people come up to me professionally and politely, showing me that they have manners. I'm especially hard with rappers and I will not give them the time of day when they hit me up like, "Yo! When's my interview?" because if I'm not hard on them now they're going to think that speaking that way is ok. I'm basically trying to help them with their PR before it gets to that.”

Q: What do you think the secret to success is?

A: "I don't believe in a secret to success. It's either you're successful or not. I believe in successful people and unsuccessful people. Successful people will always be successful because they were meant to be, if you're not successful then you weren't meant to be successful. Anyone can be successful in anything as long as they follow the fundamentals of success that everyone already knows which is persistence, consistency, working hard, and whatever else they say in Ted Talks.”

Q: Any words of wisdom/ anything you wanted to let people know?

A: "Whenever I ask this in my interviews at the end people always say the same thing, "Just be yourself" and that always irritates me. I feel like people just say that because they don't know what else to say or have any real advice to give. What I believe is that no-one is really themselves, and that's okay. As people grow older they're influenced by millions of things, so no one can truly be themselves. I feel like its okay to emulate someone else, otherwise what's the point of having role models? Everyone should have someone that they copy and try to mold themselves after because no-one has a manual to life except for the people that already lived it, so I feel like if you try to have the charisma or bravado that someone has, there's no problem in looking up to them and molding yourself to be like them. Obviously if you just straight out copy somebody every move it won't work out for you because what worked for one person won't work for anyone else, so it's good to just take influences from multiple people and try to fuse their personalities into yourself because that's still something that the world has never seen before. Also if you're young you shouldn't care what other people think. I used to be embarrassed for being in high school still playing 'Runescape', 'Yugioh', 'Pokemon' and watching anime, and I still do to this day but I don't care because I like it and that stuff makes me happy. If someone's hating on something you like you just have to not care because who even needs that person, just keep doing you."

6 FT: The Smokepurpp Interview

Check out his interviews and follow below!

YouTube: 6FT

***those pictured from top to bottom: purpdrank, adam22, veronicavega,, ogyungsimmie


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